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08.11.2017 , 15:43 Uhr - Nachrichten - PR HLA

"Nice enrichment" - Austrian club Schwaz glad about training session with Ugalde

Cristian Ugalde and Austrian Youngster Thomas Wörgötter
Cristian Ugalde and Austrian Youngster Thomas Wörgötter
It was a very special guest who participated in a training unit of the Austrian team of Sparkasse Schwaz Handball Tirol. During the international match break last week the club welcomed the world-class left wing player Cristian Ugalde. The Spanish international had spent some days off in the region of the Zillertal Alps. He is currently under contract at the top European club KC Veszprem.

Coach Ljubomir Vranjes who is coach of Veszprem as well as Hungarian crew chief assigned some homework to Cristian Ugalde for his short leave. Apart from strength training and roadwork there was also listed a unit of indoor handball which was hence done with the team of Schwaz Handball Tirol.

"We Spaniards obviously meet each other in Tirol. He gave me a call whether he can join the training and did not hesitate," the Schwaz team coach Raul Alonso said. "This was for sure a very nice enrichment for or training. Cristian is a great performer. He is kind, and he is playing with much fun, motivation and professionality."

The successes of Cristian Ugalde speak for themselves. With the top Spanish team of FC Barcelona, he won the Champions League twice. Being part of the Spanish national team, he won European Championship Silver in 2016 and Bronze in 2014 as well as World Championship Bronze in 2011. Furthermore, several championship titles and Cup winnings in Spain and Hungary can be listed up.

Having a look at his spontaneous training unit in Tirol he even gave some special advice to the youngster Thomas Wörgötter afterwards and tried several throwing possibilities from off the wing position. "I am happy that I could join the training of Schwaz Handball Tirol. The team accepted me right away, and I was completely involved. It was great fun. I wish only all the best to the team for the second leg matches," Cristian Ugalde said.