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11.11.2017 , 16:36 Uhr - Nachrichten - hüp

German Marketing expert Raphael Brinkert: "Life is fast. Handball can be faster."

Raphael Brinkert
Raphael Brinkert
The praxis forum initiated by German section of handball-world did have its sixth edition in summer. The meeting of the German handball scene took place in Cologne. The presentation that was discussed most was held by marketing expert Raphael Brinkert. The co-owner and founder of Jung von Matt/sports which is the most awarded German sports marketing agency had prepared a thirty-minutes lecture about how marketing ideas of handball work out and more important where they do not work out. He had a focus on the German market, but this might also apply to the international frame.

One of the biggest problems of the sports of handball in Germany is, according to Brinkert, the demographic change which was explained by the decreasing number of members. "Next, to the sports of soccer, it is not the handball in Germany that is listed second as e-sports is outpacing handball by far. And it is about contracts with an amount of several million and the sports of handball can only dream about it," the marketing expert explained. And he added: "If I would run a company where would I sent my money to in future times?"

Despite sportive successes of the German national team, there is no trend towards the sports of handball at present; neither in Germany nor otherwhere. Currently, the marketing strategy is focused on the user group that is partly roundabout the age of fifty. "This is a well-funded target audience with an above-average net income," Brinkert explained. But this also is a problem. "By looking to the audience, I do have the feeling to be part of a senior event instead of being part of a top sport of present and future."

Other marketing channels and strategies have to be found for the sports of handball; otherwise, you will not gain any ground. "We are not only talking about to have sold-out arenas today and tomorrow but to make investments for the future. We have to thrill and delight new and young target groups for this fantastic and electrifying sport."

According to Brinkert, one has to reach the people and catch their attention and interest for the things the protagonists of the sports do. "At present, we do have two protagonists who are well-known and appreciated outside the German handball scene: Heiner Brand and Stefan Kretzschmar. And then there is nothing. In comparison this is like the sports of soccer would make advertisement only with Franz Beckenbauer and Jürgen Klinsmann all the time. This only works out with the old generation but not with new target groups."

First and foremost Brinkert is criticising the current marketing strategy which is often only turning to the handball players themselves. "This would be like advertising altar wine in a church or to bring coals to Newcastle because those who come are already there. We do make loyalty campaigns but no campaign to conquer new groups. But we have to!" Brinkert is appealing. "We need courage and media. This also applies to the market shares that are already there. This discussion is done for nearly every kind of sports in Germany. Every Euro that is available should be thought about the following question: gaining loyalty or conquering? I would go a hundred percent for conquering if I would have only one Euro."

And Brinkert is burning for the sports of handball. "Hardly any other kind of sports is electrifying in a way the sports of handball does. Hence let`s fight together for the future of the fantastic sports of handball," he said. "And this does not mean to fight against other sports like soccer but to fight for itself. The sports of handball has to manage to communicate the uniqueness and the advantages of the sport. Let me give you an example: I can experience a soccer match maybe twice or thrice a year that is being decided within the very dying seconds of the match. Having a look to the handball this is actual daily business," the marketing expert explained. And he had the marketing slogan right at hand: "Life is fast. Handball can be faster."